Special thanks to Rain International’s Seeds for Change Foundation. With their support we have expanded our ability to provide opportunities to people throughout the Lugazi, Uganda community. 


Lugazi Community Library


The Mabira Collective workshop sits on the edge of Uganda’s incredible Mabira Rainforest, just a few miles down the road from the small but bustling community of Lugazi. Our story began years ago, with only a few local artisans, but has grown to include more than 50 women, the majority of whom still hail from Lugazi.

Previously, we set out to help fund a library for the villagers of Lugazi, which has been functioning out of a small rented space. However, after seeing the success of our current space, town leadership in Lugazi donated a prime piece of land for us to establish a better library. We are currently fundraising towards a larger, more centralized library to provide access to more readers. The new establishment will be a stand-alone building in the heart of Lugazi, easily accessible to everyone.

To expand our reach even further, we are creating "mini-libraries" in the 32 schools of Lugazi, to help reduce the lack of books in local schools. Each mini-library will consist of a shelf with a variety of books for students to read. Our local librarian, Nixon, will deliver a new set of books by motorcycle (called a "boda boda") regularly. The "book boda" will be used to exchange books between schools, opening new worlds to Lugazi students.

Contact us to learn how your school or community can get involved in Read-a-Thons to support our Lugazi Community Library.



Ashlaf Ability Center

In loving memory


Ashlaf is the son of Prossy, a Mabira artisan. Despite the physical limitations of living with severe cerebral palsy and epilepsy, Ashlaf was a bright and strong young man that would light up any room he was in. It was his cheerful and resilient attitude despite constant pain and isolation that inspired the creation of the “Ashlaf Ability Center” in Lugazi, Uganda. The first of its kind in the region, the Ashlaf Ability Center is intended to be a sanctuary where children with disabilities can come learn, play, socialize, and receive proper nutrition and therapy. Parents learn coping skills, physical therapy techniques, and are free to work while their children are cared for. 

Construction of the Ashlaf Ability Center began in the summer of 2018, but unfortunately, Ashlaf passed away on February 9th, 2019. With the building only partially constructed, he never had the chance to experience a day in the center built in his name. Therefore, in his memory, we are dedicated to finishing the center to change lives and improve outcomes for dozens of children like Ashlaf throughout the Lugazi, Uganda region. 

Contact us to learn how you and your community can get involved in supporting the Ability Center.